Gyms, tracks, trails….sure some have a decent view, but let’s be honest, they get old. I get so tired of seeing the same people on the same machines at the gym, running around and around the track, and becoming so familiar with a trail that I notice when a rock is out of place. I hate it when I get to this place, because I feel like working out becomes a chore, and one that isn’t particularly fun, but rather just the next item on my to-do list. So the other day when I was at a park with a client, I found myself suddenly envious of the little ones I saw running around, climbing, jumping, swinging…and realized that, sure, they’re definitely playing and having a grand old time. But they’re also exercising and burning TONS of calories with all that movement and activity. And you can bet that they are developing muscles as well (have you SEEN the monkey bars?!) So I thought, why not make the playground, traditionally a children’s haven, a place for us grown ups to work out, or, as I like to say, play-out! Check out this playground workout!

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  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds reasonable to me….lots more fun to be in casual surroundings among happy people !!!

  2. Totally agree out workouts can get mundane! With the Texas heat it’s impossible to exercise outside, so we have been loving spin & barre classes!