Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks

I’m always torn when it comes to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. Here’s my dilemma. It’s all fall/winter attire in the dead middle of July. How can I possibly wrap my head around buying a cashmere sweater (and not one of those light “I am going to a bon-fire at the beach kind…) when it’s 90 degrees outside and I am sweating bullets just walking from my office to the car?? My solution the past couple of years has been to find items that work both now and are transitional into the fall months. The sale is too good to pass up (I was just talking with my mom earlier about where my love affair with clothing came from… I’ll save that for another time and another day…) so I’ve shared some of my “transitional” favorites with you! The sale starts this Friday, but if you have a Nordstrom card/account you can shop now!

nordstrom sale favorites

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