Weekend Recap

IMG_8375{Broke up the drive up the coast with a stop at one of our Los Olivos favorites: Saarloos&Sons}

This past weekend our entire family (all 20 of us), on our dad’s side, met in San Luis Obispo, for a long overdue family reunion. It was a busy weekend filled with buzzing conversation, catching up, and memory making. We fondly recollected old times, when we were all younger (some already having children of their own) and descended upon my parent’s backyard for a full week every summer. We would waste away the days playing Marco-Polo, Colors, and having diving contests in the pool. We would snack on popsicles, roast s’mores in the fire pit, take evening swims, play a game or two of Nintendo (the OLD school kind), go to sleep, and do it all over again the next day. They were fun times. And while our activity choices have vastly changed over the years (we now enjoy sipping wine, shopping, and playing with the new little rugrats), the memories remain. They are recreated with new people (husbands, wives, children) and new activities. I guess that’s the special thing about family. No matter how you change, or where you go, the memories that are there ground you enough to be able to come together and enjoy one another’s company as if no time has passed at all :).

IMG_8380{An early morning run/walk through the quaint town. We picked up iced coffees, worked off those mini cupcakes, and enjoyed sister time! And, how cute are Allison’s shoes??)





IMG_8421{Naturally, we spent the day exploring the local wineries… would anything different be expected from the Roberts family?}




IMG_8447{Allison, mom, and I enjoyed some girl’s time too 🙂 We headed over to Tolosa Winery and enjoyed a wine and cheese pairing on their stunning patio!}



IMG_8500{Our indulgence… speciality ice cream sandwiches from Batch… now these reminded us of our childhood summer days!}

IMG_8507{Couldn’t resist snapping a picture of these blooms on my Sunday morning run… I had to work off Batch somehow!}


IMG_8579{We enjoyed lunch in Montecito on the way home and picked up some Pressed Juices to start the week off right. A stop at Butterfly Beach is always a MUST!}

IMG_8580{Sometimes the weekend just catches up to you… Allison and Captain enjoyed naps on the car ride home!}

So… I’m pretty much doing this move several times this week! Check out Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

I’m also loving slip on shoes right now! Sort of like glorified VANS. Check out my favorites here, here, and here.


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Lovely thoughts, beautifully expressed !!! Such a happy, relaxed time…….. Gram