The Grazer’s Meal Plan

The other day at work, a colleague made an interesting (albeit true) observation: she, matter of factly, and unoffensively commented “You eat a lot…I feel like I always see you eating!” She immediately attempted to back-pedal and convey the message that she intended, but there was no need-it’s true, I DO eat a lot! I have found with this job that many days of the week I am in the field, driving from one client to the next, often working straight through lunch. For that reason, I am a self-proclaimed Grazer….you know, the type who doesn’t actually sit down for all of the meals, but rather eats throughout the day. I typically eat a sizable breakfast (because I naturally wake up starving), graze throughout the day, and eat dinner at night. I find that this is the only way I can really make eating healthy (or eating at all) work with my schedule. So, in honor of all my fellow grazers out there, I put together a super simple, portable, low-maintenance meal plan for a day. Keep in mind, this does NOT include breakfast or dinner. Rather, just the approximate amounts and times I eat throughout the work day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that! I too am a grazer, but it is hard sometimes to think of different healthy snacks so I can change it up a bit! I have to try those Kind bars!

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