Weekend Recap

IMG_7845{During the summer, weekends start on Wednesday… enjoying a little wine and cheese during the first concert in the park of the season!}

I’ve heard it said that what you do when you daydream should be your day job. If that was the case, then I would be a perpetual jet-setter. I find that my “escape,” when I need a break from the work day, is to puruse my favorite travel sites, looking for spur of the moment deals. And I find this day dreaming increase after about a month post trip. You see, I tend to only be able to stay home for about a month before the travel bug itches (hence this post last week). Low and behold, this feeling crept up on me mid-week last week, but with Cabo coming up this weekend, a quick weekend getaway simply wasn’t in the cards. So, we spent the weekend exploring our own backyard. We discovered new places to hike, new farmer’s markets, coffee joints, concert series, and the joy of our personal (okay, my parent’s) backyard. But… don’t get me wrong, as much as I loved exploring I can’t WAIT to hop on that plane.




IMG_7945{Saturday morning called for a little exploring of our neighborhood city, Los Angeles. We woke up early and had a morning sweat session at Runyon Canyon. Challenging hills and panoramic views of the city made for a pretty spectacular work out!}

IMG_7971{Post sweat session pool time. Including rosé sangria, cherries, and sister time!}

IMG_7999{Said sangria and a fig, proscuittio pizza, all enjoyed al fresco.}

IMG_8000{Sunday morning iced coffees.}



IMG_8003{Loving the Packing District! If you are in the Orange County area, this is a MUST see. Sunday morning farmer’s market, with live music, from 10-2. A perfect post church way to spend the day!}

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