Core Finale

In light of this week’s theme (high waisted skinnies, obviously), we’re committed to remaining in shape so that we can feel comfortable rocking those denim beauties. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know that Shannon and I vowed to hold each other accountable to clean eating and regular exercise for this very reason (among others, of course). This includes some pretty intense workouts (because who has time to spend hours at the gym? Not this girl!) In honor of our glorified waist-huggers, I’ve upped the intensity of my workouts, including both the cardio bursts and the weights, and have found that finishing my workouts with a core series is my absolute favorite way to put the cherry on top of a hard-earned sundae. There’s nothing that says “Congratulations, you worked your butt off!” like a sore core right? So on that note, these are some of my favorite core exercises to round out my workout and get me feelin’ bikini ready!

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{Photos courtesy of workoutlabs.com}