Weekend Recap

IMG_7573{Friday night patio living. Took some inspiration from a friend’s home decorating and purchased these chairs for the patio… it’s a work in progress!}

Friday came and so did my much written about love affair with the weekend. To me, everything is better on Fridays. Waking up early (okay, I may be stretching it slightly…), that first sip of wine, the first bite of take-out, the feeling of my head hitting the pillow (I literally let out a sigh every Friday night)… you get the drift. It was a busy weekend filled with fun activities. Mom and I met Allison at Fashion Island and we spent some “girl time” together. Allison and I inevitably ended up swapping clothes in the dressing room and ultimately settled on the same pair of jeans. We lounged by the pool and celebrated our wonderfully amazing father. Sunday afternoon came and I had the dreaded feeling that I needed to do something. Yes, I determined I would like to officially break up with the work week. Is that at all possible (this is the conversation I had with myself)…. my conclusion is “No.” So, in an effort to cling to my likely unhealthy and co-dependent relationship with the weekend I planned a gourmet (in my mind) healthy feast, all cooked in a wet bathing suit (because I chose to sit in the pool longer than usual and forgot that all of our bath towels were in the washer… oops), cover up, and sun hat. It’s now 8:30pm… I think it’s time that I prepare myself for the impending breakup.

IMG_7578{The usual morning run with a twist: picked up Yoga Inferno… my commitment to getting back into my yoga regime!}

IMG_7580{Greens & homemade chia pudding… absolutely delicious!}

IMG_7616{A little rosé to celebrate dad with a Saturday night BBQ}

IMG_7706{Weekend blooms compliments of mom’s beautiful garden! Loving my new throw from a weekend purchase from said shopping trip…}

IMG_7708{Sunday night feast compliments of Cooking Light magazine: Proscuitto wrapped pork loin with cantaloupe salsa & feta, lime, and mint grilled corn}

Since it’s basically summer, I’m living in sandals! Some of my favorites are here, here, here, here, here, here!

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