Weekend Recap

IMG_6703{Kicking off the weekend with some pretty peonies and Pinot Blanc from Byron}

The heat wave of last week left me hopeful for a beautiful weekend, and it didn’t disappoint. I went to bed Friday evening with the intention of waking up early Saturday morning for a long run. It had been a while since I last laced up my running shoes for a long, mind clearing run. When the alarm went off at 7:30 I popped out of bed, threw the running shoes on, and headed out the door. I started off with a bang… but at about mile 4 my side started to cramp up. I looked at my tracking tool on my phone and made the decision to modify my pace. I needed to slow it down if I wanted to complete the 8 mile run I had set as my intention. So I pulled back the reins. It’s interesting. Life, for me, sometimes mirrors that of running. Go too fast for too long, your body starts screaming at you. You have to modify, shift, and slow down sometimes. So, as I slowed my pace, the side cramp subsided and I was able to complete my run. As I enter this work week, I set the intention of listening to my body, slowing down, and being present… I also plan on continuing to use my unwinding strategies from last week!

IMG_6704{Morning run was followed by a coffee date and a new favorite salad. Simply grill 6 oz of chicken. Combine it with a bunch of kale, 1 oz lite feta cheese, 2 tbsp red onions, 4 sliced strawberries, and 2 tbsp lite champagne vinaigrette (I prefer Trader Joe’s).}



image{Beachside cocktails in Laguna Beach at The Surf and Sand. LOVE sister time! Like the outfits? Check out the pink top, white top, and white shorts here!}



IMG_6762{We had a blast at the Serene Sky trunk show we hosted at Muse. Live music and fun braids by Swell Beauty!}

IMG_6773{Starbucks breakfast, Sunday morning reads, and church from the comforts of the couch.}

Bikini season is around the corner! Check out the weekend challenge from Women’s Health. Today I did Allison’s Beach Bum workout and I KNOW my legs will be Jell-O tomorrow!

Allison graduates this coming weekend (EEK!!). Looking for a gift for your grad? Check out what I’m thinking about picking up for my fabulous sister! Brief Case, business card holder, dotted card holder, notebook, journal.

Have a wonderful and fabulous week!