Backyard Rosé Tasting Party


Ok, the cat’s out of the bag: we enjoy wine. Well, maybe it wasn’t actually a secret… To expound a little, what we enjoy about it is the camaraderie there seems to be around sipping a nice glass of wine while enjoying rich conversation with friends and family. I envision many summer nights with a crisp white wine or dry rosé, sitting by a backyard fire pit, and conversing in free flowing conversation (is it Friday yet??). Since we had cause to celebrate this past weekend, Allison and I decided to put together a Mother’s Day rosé tasting in my parent’s backyard. We picked up a range of rosé wines (we stuck with the dry varietal with each made from different grapes accounting for the difference in color) and then whipped up some healthy appetizers to imbibe on while sipping and laughing!







IMG_6514{We were a house divided… no difinitive winner!}





Appetizers included:

1. Prosciutto wrapped melons and apples: About 80 calories for 3 pieces . Cantaloupe can help lower blood pressure, regulate the heartbeat, and prevent heart disease and strokes. Apples can help to ward off heart disease and some cancers, while working to keep cholesterol in check.

2. Smoked Salmon: 70 calories in about 3-4 pieces. Salmon is loaded with healthy omega-3 fat which plays a critical role in brain development, reduced inflammation, and helps to protect again depression and Alzheimer’s.

3. Home made roasted bell pepper, basil, and goat cheese dip: VERY easy to make. Simply combine roasted bell peppers (which you can find in a jar at Trader Joe’s), 5 oz of goat cheese, and chopped basil in a food processor. Bell peppers are linked to supporting overall immune functioning  and decrease cancer risks. Basil is an excellent substitute for salt. It also promotes cardiovascular health and increased blood flow throughout the body.

4. Our carb-less bruschetta which we featured last summer: Tomatoes promote an overall healthy immune system, fight cancer, and ward again heart disease.

5. Select cheese: So cheese gets a bad rap, but in small quantities (1-3oz) cheese provides a great source of calcium.


Table Cloth | Slate Platter | Slate Platter 2 | Cheese Board | Wine Glasses


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