Hawaii Vacation Part II

If you follow us at all, you probably know that we like Hawaii. Growing up, it was a place of summer vacation. Now, however, its meaning has changed substantially for Shannon and I. She and TJ returned to the islands about a month ago (see their vacation here!), about two weeks before our parents and I took off to visit the same place. This was a pretty different Hawaiian vacation than I was used to, as my parents had to call it a day around 3:00 pm each day to get ready for business obligations (much of our dad’s company was also in Hawaii), so I was pretty much alone for the first 3 nights of the trip. Super bummed about it the first night, I woke up the second day (our first full day), intending to turn my attitude around…who can [rightfully] be depressed while vacationing in Hawaii!? I began loving the independence I had to explore much of Oahu that I hadn’t had a chance to experience, and it became one of my favorite parts of the trip! The next four days were spent in Ko ‘Olina, on the Leeward (West) side of the island, just next door to the Disney Aulani Resort. Those four days were pure rest and relaxation, as Hawaii should be, right!? Check out pics below for a glimpse into our Hawaiian vacay!

IMG_4580 {My view from my hotel room…definitely couldn’t complain about that!}

IMG_4578{The limited time we did get to spend together in Waikiki, we headed down to one of our favorite hotels, The Sheraton, for a tasty lunch and a view}

IMG_4605{Tired of being alone, I found my way to the outdoor bar, ordered myself a mai tai, and listened to the amazing live band play their traditional Hawaiian music. Who says being alone has to be boring!?}

photo 1-1{Paddle boarded around the hotel’s lagoon and soaked up some rays…}





IMG_4590{Took a solo stroll to a Farmer’s Market in Waikiki one evening and picked up some local fruits, tasted some local beer, and shopped around for a bit. Though I decided to pass on the Spam Can treats…I like Hawaii, but not all parts!




IMG_4600{My evening run was rained out one evening in Waikiki, but I really didn’t mind when this rainbow showed up! (And then a double rainbow a few minutes later!) Instead of rushing home to catch the sunset from my balcony, I decided to venture onto the rocks and catch the sunset with my toes in the water. It was nothing short of perfect.}


IMG_4622{ Vacation food: Kalua Pork quesadilla with garlic fries. Vacation beverage of choice: My traditional Vodka (Ocean is Hawaii’s locally produced vodka), lilikoi (passion fruit) juice, and a splash of Rose’s Lime Juice!}

IMG_4632{I’m now forcing my mom to utilize her green thumb in planting a hibiscus bush (tree?) in our yard. Love these Hawaiian gems!}

IMG_4658{What we love about Ko ‘Olina is the kitchen in the suits and the nice BBQ’s on property, allowing us to cook our own meals and feel right at home! The ONLY dinner food we had this night was chicken, so we got creative and battered it in beer and rolled it in Rice Chex cereal and grilled it. Delicious!}


photo 2-1{I don’t really know what to say about these spectacular sunsets…does it need words?}


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Beautiful, beautiful !!!

  2. styleinasmalltown says:

    I always enjoy your pictures! So fun! Since you’re a Hawaii-expert, have you been to Kauai? I’m heading there in 29 days, but who’s counting, right 😉 and wondering about some fun/not-so-well-known things to do?


    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Hi Hilary, We haven’t been to Kauai since we were in high school, so not yet of the exploring ages 🙂 We stayed in Poipu and loved that side of the island. We went hiking a few times and then lounged the rest of the time! The Beach House is a nice spot to eat at, situated right on the water with spectacular views! So jealous of your trip and hope you have a fabulous time!

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