Meal Plan 2

Update: I am officially one month (today) into my new job. I am so happy, and feeling really good about it. However, all jobs take some adjusting, and for me, it’s my eating schedule. I swear, the first two weeks I ate only before I went to work and when I got home for dinner. I literally lost weight. However, as I’m getting into the swing of things and finding my rhythm, I’m slowly but surely getting my eating routine down. This requires determining my schedule for the week and knowing which days I will be in the field during the afternoons, and which days I will primarily be in the office. Either way, I’m finding now, more than ever, that meal planning is essential! We put together a meal plan a month or so back, and have done the same below. After all, I have to try my hardest every single day to avoid indulging in the In-n-Out next to our office! (And yes, the one day I forgot my lunch and snacks you can bet I used it as the perfect excuse for a burger, fries, and pink lemonade…oops)!

meal plan 2



  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds good to me !!!