Weekend Recap

Oh what a week it was…Half of the week I was on vacation, and at the very end of the week Shannon was on vacation. I’ve heard so many comments from people like, “your family travels so much,” or, “wow, do you guys ever stay in one place?” Shannon and I are in agreement that we are unbelievably blessed to have the opportunities to travel, and the family who embraces it. While I spent the first two days of my week returning from Hawaii, Shannon spent her weekend with TJ in Santa Ynez, and we were all able to spend Sunday night dinner sharing photos and stories of our recent travels, talking about our next vacation plans, and even throwing out new exotic possibilities for 2015 (Panama, anyone…?) Point is, travel is our way of celebrating life’s big and small victories, reconnecting with each other, briefly disconnecting from reality and hectic everyday life, and reflecting on what’s really important. Whether that’s a quick weekend getaway or an international destination, travel is, as they say, “the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.

IMG_6239{Weekend Getaway Essentials…Top | Towel here and here | Clutch}

IMG_5959{Dining under the lights at SY Kitchen}

IMG_6252{Cupcake and wine pairing at Saarloo & Sons}

IMG_6449{Cinco de Mayo preparations! Check out a favorite recipe for a skinny Paloma here!}

IMG_6446{Mother’s Day is this weekend…just another thing we love about our mom is her green thumb!}

IMG_4664{Spent the day catching up at dog beach in Huntington Beach}

IMG_6452{Nothing like a little sister time to close out the weekend…and a puppy munching on your hair!}

Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is this weekend! We’ve found some fabulous gifts for that special Mother figure in your life and linked them below! Check out this candle, sweater, necklace, earrings, and adorable slippers! All pieces are under $50…and Nordstrom has the option to ship in time OR you can purchase online and then pick up in store!

Feeling a bit overindulged from the weekend? (I AM!) Check out our Beach Bum workout here!

Happy Cinco de Mayo Friends!


  1. Love that pup!!!!! Love these recap posts!! Y’all are too cute!! And that TJs “creamy toscano cheese” is heavenly!! So addicting!!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you!! He’s such a doll, but those puppy teeth are brutal!! AND yes! The cheese is absolutely to die for!!