Beach Bum Workout

Happy May Day! Is anyone else having an extraordinarily difficult time accepting the fact that it is actually May? I love these warmer months more than any other in the year, but am struggling with the notion that summer time is basically a month away…and we know what that means, right ladies? It’s that much anticipated and/or dreaded swimsuit season. Having just returned from vacation, I am aware of how much I need to get [literally] my rear in gear before the Summer Solstice, so we put together this High Intensity Interval workout that targets the buns and glutes, to get beach bum ready…and who doesn’t want a beautiful beach bum!?

summer bum workout

Also, you probably noticed last week that we posted our favorite Spring Things of fashion. Well, since the weather is warming up, we are packing away out capris, long sleeves, workout gloves, etc. and replacing them with shorts and tanks! So we’ve put together some of our favorite Spring Things Workout Gear!

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