Weekend Recap

This past week was a “wild” one (of course, not for Allison, unless you consider sipping Mai Tai’s with sandy toes “wild”… I didn’t think so.) and the weekend was welcomed with open arms. I was feeling like I needed some inspiration for my work-outs and meals and decided to switch things up a little and push myself. I find that when I get creative, whether that be in the creation of new healthy dishes, work-outs, of even outfits, I feel more satisfied and happy. It’s so easy for me to fall into daily routines, but I find that I just end up feeling bored and uninspired… and really, that’s not fun. I’ve noticed that my body, and my mind, tells me when I’m too much into my routine. I become irritable, forgetful, and frazzled. I guess that’s the thing with routines, right? They definitely serve a purpose, they keep life balanced. But too much adherence to them creates rigidity in creativity and a lack of enjoyment in “the little things.” Therefore, this was a weekend of breaking out!


IMG_6117{After whipping up a scrumptiously nutritious breakfast, T.J. and I hiked 9.5 miles along the Laguna Coast. Great company, conversation, and weather made for a perfect workout}

IMG_6119{A new favorite post-hike lunch salad: 5 oz grilled chicken, a mix of spinach, kale, and arugula, half of a pear, 2 Tbsp of pomegranate seeds and reduced fat feta cheese, and 2 Tbsp lite champagne vinaigrette. Filling, nutritious, and delicious! I’m also a sucker for eating out of cute bowls!}

IMG_6188{Date night at True Foods Kitcken…. a little rose champagne and amazing shrimp curry!}

IMG_0784.JPG{Back at it bright and early Sunday morning at 1,000 Steps Beach in Laguna…. my legs were wobbly for hours after running them six times (that’s about 1,300 stairs, since it’s about 220 steps each time)… I paired this with squats, lunges, and wall squats in between sprints up!}

IMG_6203{A new juicing creation at Nektar… beets, kale, apples, and lime… yummy!}

IMG_6206{My weekend essentials: New issue of SELF, favorite espadrilles, old tried and true black leggings, and a new cold brew, Grady’s}

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