Blank Canvas


When I was in high school one of my best friends and I somehow ended up in an art class (I believe it was “beginning drawing.”). How this occurred, I am not quite sure, but we found ourselves staring at blank canvases (or paper) day after day for an entire semester (I should note here that neither of us can draw, at all). The only way we survived that class was to make friends with the “advanced” art students (who were feveorishly sitting in the back of the room drawing away while us beginners attempted to create…) and beg for their help (and by beg I mean we politely stood by them while they erased and corrected our mistakes). So, an all white ensemble inevitably reminds me of a blank canvas. The options are essentially limitless. Pops of color, metallic accessories, anything really goes. While I epically failed in drawing (well, not literally, I somehow got an A-), I find all white attire to be the easiest to work with. I layered neutrals for a simple and intimate BBQ with old friends.







{Outfit Details | Pants: Madewell, cheaper option here | Top: Target | Sweater: J Crew (25 % off with code GOSHOP), cheaper here | Booties: Steve Madden, cheaper here | Earrings: J Crew (25% off, smaller option) | Purse: Prada, similar here, here | Sunglasses: Anthropologie}


  1. Love this look! It looks effortless yet so chic!