Musical Workout

Happy hump day! As I’m beginning this new job, I’m finding great rewards along with unique challenges. With a full time schedule comes the need to actually MAKE time to workout. And a lengthy commute makes my usual morning workouts a bit more of a stretch. So I have found myself needing to get a bit more creative with my workouts.

Lately at boot camp, my trainers have been ending our classes with this exercise that involves holding a position or doing a specific exercise for the duration of an entire song, and performing an additional exercise when the artist sings a certain word or phrase. What ends up happening is lots of cringing, moaning and groaning for about 3-4 minutes straight, especially during those “trigger” words/phrases. Despite the pain (and newly created negative associations with previously adored songs), it’s one of the most challenging and effective parts of our workout! So in accompaniment to my new (albeit markedly shorter) workout routines, I have added one of these “musical workouts” as a final push that is quick and efficient. Plus, who doesn’t like listening to good music while working out?! Here are some of the ideas/songs we have done at boot camp, as well as some additional. Happy sweating!

song workout


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds very creative ………..

  2. Kerry says:

    I’d add a song my son brought home from the fire academy. It’s got a different actual name but comes up under “bring Sally up.” We do squats and push ups starting in a squat or push up (in the down position) and go up or down depending on the song. So when you’re in the squat position and they sing “bring Sally us” you rise from squat position. Very challenging and my kids do it at the end of their workouts when they are working out at home. It kicks my behind and I can’t even begin to do it w push ups!! Great post, and great idea!

  3. I love these photos!! Y’all are too adorable – and that pink hotel!? Dying!!! XOXO