OOTD for Errands


Returning home from a trip is never easy for me. I love the “no agenda” mentality and once those wheels of the plain touch down on the runway I immediately go into planning mode: which errands need to be run, planning time to unpack and do laundry, and meal planning for the week. While it’s always a slight struggle, I’ve found that sometimes returning to the routine is nice. I mean, would I truly appreciate the eight nights of luxurious indulging I did if I didn’t have the consistent routine at home (okay, likely yes, but this is what I tell myself!)? So, this past Sunday it was back to the routine which meant a day of errands. I typically don’t wear watches on the weekend, but this was a day with multiple errands and a family BBQ that night, so I decided the watch was a necessity!








IMG_5763{Outfit Details | Pants: J Brand (cheaper options here, here) | Sweater: J Crew | Tank: Target | Shoes: Tory Burch (cheaper option here) | Earrings: Anthropologie | Sunglasses: Anthropologie | Ring: Boutique in Hawaii, similar | Purse: Prada, similar here | Watch: Michael Kors}


  1. Huge fan of the olive skinnies!!