Weekend Recap

This week was an interesting one. I wrapped up my last few days of work, and spent the second half of the week relaxing, spring cleaning, and preparing for this new “chapter,” as everyone keeps calling it. I was glad to give myself a few days to reflect on the past three and a half years I was able to spend at my first (and perhaps most important) job, and all that I had learned and would take with me into this new position. Of course, I did find some time to make a quick trip to Santa Ynez to do some last minute wine tasting (because who doesn’t have time for that!?) Meanwhile, Shannon and TJ were basking in their last few blissful moments of the aloha spirit before touching down late Saturday night and joining us for a family dinner last night. We spent time catching up, preparing to get back into the swing of things (for Shannon and TJ), and preparing for new beginnings for me!

IMG_8673{ The weekend began with a delightful grand opening of the fabulous Scout’s Honor Boutique in Irvine with artisan cheeses and craft cocktails…locally made clothes, as well as clothing and accessories that contribute to third world country economies…we are so on board! Check them out if you are in the Orange County area!}


IMG_4536{ Not so hard to reflect, celebrate, and enjoy life with rolling vineyards and delicious wine in the picture}

IMG_5646{I’m not going to lie…I’m completely jealous of this. It doesn’t even require much explanation}

IMG_5658{Shannon and TJ found a local Hawaiian gem serving up scrumptious acai bowls, so Shannon made her own for breakfast here at home!}

IMG_5662{Preparations for the imminent arrival of the newest member of the Pulsifer family…}

While Shannon just returned from a Hawaiian vacation, I am looking forward to one in just about two weeks…I’d love to hear about your favorite (perhaps lesser-known) spots!

Stay tuned for our “Best of Santa Ynez” post, coming soon…

As always, don’t forget about the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge!

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