Lazy Saturday

As you may know by now, there are some distinct differences between Shannon and me. One of the most noticeable differences arises when you ask each of us what we are doing this weekend. Shannon likely has a definite answer, down to the hour. More than likely, I’ll simply shrug my shoulders and respond with, “I’m not sure yet, we’ll see.” I (very much like our dad) am such a lover of not having an “agenda” on the weekends and making a game-time decision as to what my plans are. Every once in a while, Shannon joins me in this laziness, and we both have what we like to call “Lazy Saturdays.” While many people are bored and turned off by this concept, we have created a list of fun and relaxing things to do on a “lazy Saturday” that still allows you to be “lazy” (OK, I like to call it “relaxed,” or “leisurely.” I may even go so far as to call it “self care”…what’s your point!?)

11 things to do on a lazy Saturday

We’ve taken the liberty of showing you how we do our lazy Saturdays…whether we are together or alone, we like to be comfy and cute!



IMG_5268{Shannon’s Outfit: Shoes: Soludos, Similar here | Pants: Nordstrom | Top: J.Crew }

{Allison’s Outfit: Pants: Nordstrom | Top: Zella | Shoes: Franco Sarto, similar here and here}

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