Reward Yourself…Without Food!

As you know, Shannon and I are all about celebrating life’s accomplishments-big or small. We are of the mindset that we need to reward ourselves in order to make everyday life more fulfilling and, well, motivating! This can range from a graduation to simply getting through a really tough day. We all work hard so we deserve to be celebrated!

However, I was at my gym one day (AKA boot camp), and, in the middle of our last sprint, our trainer yelled “Great job! Now go reward yourself…but not with food!” For some reason, that resonated with me, and seemed to make a lot of sense. There are so many other ways we can reward ourselves while STILL maintaining that healthy, balanced, happy lifestyle. So here are 6 ways that you can do just that-enjoy, and congratulations…for whatever it may be!

Reward Yourself!


  1. I love rewarding myself with a mani/pedi!! If it’s a treat feels like I earned it more!! Not to mention any huge milestone in my life I celebrate with a new purse purchase!! Not sure my husband likes that one quite as much as I do!!