Deal vs. Steal vs. Splurge


Booties are EVERYWHERE. Literally. Yet, I always struggle when I attempt to transition closed toed shoes into those sunny and warm (READ: swollen feet) days. You see, I have big heels. While Allison seemingly slips into booties, I struggle. I have to contort myself into oddly shaped positions just to get my ankle half way in the bootie. Then I have to, and I am not kidding here, pound my ankle in the remainder of the way. So, by the time the booties are on, it’s time for another shower (or nap). Can you just imagine the scene and process when my feet are actually swollen from the hotter days? Exactly. It’s not pretty. Therefore, the only logical solution appears to be a sling back, open toed bootie. Which is why I went on the hunt. I was originally drawn to these Loeffler Randall booties on my morning perusal of Shopbop. Drawn to the booties, not the price tag. I kept my eyes open and found these almost identical Steve Madden booties and immediately purchased them! I thought they were such a steal that I just had to share them here (hence the double post :))! While I haven’t seen the Target booties, I couldn’t pass them up to share and added them here as well! I also added a few pieces that would pair nicely with these booties! Check out these floral dresses here, here, here, and solid colors here, and here and this skirt (all under $30! For a complete outfit total of $130 or $65 depending on if you go with the deal or steal!)


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