Celebratory Sunday Brunch


I’ve always been a firm believer that life events (be them big or small) are meant to be celebrated with those you love. There is something about relishing in life’s gifts and blessings that makes you feel grateful and giddy! Therefore, the only logical  step after Allison accepted a job offer was to plan the celebration. So TJ and I hosted a family brunch this past Sunday to cheers to new beginnings and great accomplishments. And, while I love a good celebration, I also enjoy trying to make it as healthy as possible (with small indulgences along the way). The menu that I put together for the day left everyone feeling full and satisfied, all while being nutritious.


Our taste buds happily devoured prosciutto wrapped asparagus (sprinkle salt and pepper on the asparagus, broil asparagus for 10-15 minutes, until done to your liking, and wrap three asparagus spears in a piece of prosciutto) , skinny blueberry poppy seed muffins, ezekiel avocado toast (simply mash avocados in a bowl and have a side of red pepper flakes for a little zing), whole wheat waffles (SUPER simple… these were Kashi from the freezer section, toasted, and cut in half), spinach, tomato, and reduced fat feta cheese egg-tinis (spray a muffin tin with cooking spray, crack one egg in each tin, break up the yoke with a fork, toss in some chopped spinach, tomato, and a teaspoon of feta, and bake at 350 for 25 minutes), and delicious fruit skewers.







Beverages included sparkling water, Mimosas, and a Bloody Mary Bar (not pictured). Coffee and tea were offered, but this was a celebration, right?!


This was a super simple brunch to put together and can easily be recreated on a budget with any size party. Here is the budget breakdown:

Food and drink $13 per person

Decorations: $10 per person (includes table cloth and flower arrangement). Simple succulents would be a cheaper and equally as pretty option. A table cloth is completely optional too! Use any fun plates you have or mix and match whatever you want! It’s your celebration! I made the menus, had twine lying around, and tossed in a simple rosemary spring for an added scent and flare!

{Coasters | Yellow Bowl | White Bowl | Plates | Tablecloth | Cups | Chalkboard Platter}


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    graciously done, with simplicity, but very stylish !!!

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