Weekend Recap

IMG_4476{Tiny details from our Anniversay night: Champagne (are you surprised?), flowers, this Rifle Paper Company card, and dainty earrings.}

Weekends ALWAYS go too fast. I feel as though I spend the week anticipating these glorious two days, and then they are over before I know it. So, this Sunday evening I am brainstorming ways to be more present during the week, as opposed to my typical weekly countdown. This countdown goes something like this:

TJ: How was your day today?

Me: Well, one day closer to Friday.

Co-Worker: How are you?

Me: Great, one day closer to Friday!

I figured it’s about time that I attempt to find tiny delights in the weekdays. So far I have the following list created:

1. Make my cold brew coffees in the mornings (they are my of the moment indulgence)

2. Homemade pizza night

3. Movie night

4. Mid-week morning breakfast/coffee date

5. Instead of my typical response to TJ, coming up with one highlight from my day (and it can’t be that I am one day closer to Friday)

That’s all I have right now…. but I promise I’ll come up with more 🙂 Wish me luck!

IMG_4480{Nothing like my favorite kicks, cold brew, and lulu pants to kick start Friday!}

blogger brunch{A fun blogger brunch with fabulous women at Old Vine Cafe}

photo-7{Anthropologie’s Anthro Day… sweet treats and discounts! We picked up these coasters, towels, top, and crop top!}

IMG_4680{Happy Hours at home are sometimes the best!}




winery{Wanting to explore a little we stumbled upon this hidden gem of a winery, Giracci, in Silverado Canyon. Beautiful grounds and great wines!}

Allison also told me about an intense workout she had at boot camp and I incorporated it into my Sunday HIIT workout. Try doing wall squats, with a weight (I did a 5 lbs) held out in front out you, for 1 minute, 10x, with 30 seconds of rest in between! Prepare to feel the burn!

Have a great week everyone!!


  1. I am the same way during the week…but I do agree – having things to look forward to during the week makes it all that much better!! Can’t wait to try that workout!! 🙂