Anniversary Trip: San Diego


Today is my four year wedding anniversary with TJ.  It’s crazy to reflect on these past four years: how much we’ve grown, how much we’ve traveled (Europe trips, Mexico adventures, weekend getaways…) and how much we’ve accomplished both individually and as a unit. We’ve made it a tradition that every year we head back down to San Diego for the weekend. It’s where we met, where we call our “old stomping grounds.” While our activity choices were much different than 9 years ago (no, we didn’t get late night Sara’s burritos, or go to $2 you call-its at Guava Beach… and sadly, we didn’t even hide our beverages in empty water bottles while we walked down the boardwalk) it still created a heightened feeling of nostalgia. I love where we are and where we are going, but it’s always fun to relive those earlier (and sometimes all too crazy) memories together. It’s grounding and often humbling. Both of which I have found to be essential components to a successful (okay, 4 years) marriage. Where we started doesn’t define where we are going, but it certainly provides a compass. Sorry to pontificate… to sum it up, each year we head down to where it all began, reminisce (both about our wedding day and our formative days), and plan for our future (as much as you can, I guess). Here are some highlights from our trip this past weekend!


IMG_5202{Beautiful morning on the water lent itself to the perfect run to kick start the weekend}


IMG_4233{We started Saturday with a delicious breakfast and cocktails at Tower 23}





IMG_4257{Then we headed to La Valencia and George’s for a stunning view and light snacks}



anni4{One of our traditions, as a couple, is to have a bottle of Rose champagne to celebrate. This year we enjoyed our own happy hour  on our patio overlooking the bay!}



IMG_4348{Part of the fun of going back to old stomping grounds is discovering new favorites. Puesto was absolutely delicious… and I’m always a sucker for fabulous decor.}


anni2{My weakness…}


anni{Sunday morning brunch at Beaumont’s… blue chairs, yellow flower beds, live music… yes please!}


  1. Looks like a fun trip!! My girlfriends and I are planning a girls trip to San Diego, any recommendations on hotels to stay in?