Weekend Recap

Roots: A theme that runs pretty deeply in our family. We believe that our roots are what contribute to our character, our convictions, and development. As we grow older, we’ve been taught that we establish new roots in different places and relationships. This weekend was all about getting back to those roots. For Shannon and TJ it was celebrating their anniversary in San Diego where it all began for them. For me, it was about being with old, dear friends, reminiscing on old (albeit awkward) memories, as well as spending time with extended family from Northern California. Our roots are what give us a sense of home and the confidence to move forward, and we feel very blessed to have roots that we are so proud of!

IMG_4248{Rose on Rose}

IMG_4305{Stunning views from the La Valencia in La Jolla}

IMG_4463{Loving all the bright nail polish shades for this warm weather}

IMG_4361{Ubering around town for a fun and safe weekend}

IMG_4449{Sunday night preparations for the week ahead}

scotts{Cocktails and bites at an old friend’s new job-Scott’s Restaurant & Bar}

yearbooks{Reminiscing and laughing hysterically at high school’s awkward moments over homemade champagne mojitos}

IMG_4501{Art craft for the First graders at church…learning about rebuilding the city walls with good old Elmer’s and popsicle sticks!}

IMG_4514{Lounging in the sun and cooling down with iced coffees with this guy makes for a pretty cuddly Sunday}

Don’t forget about the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge as we welcome Spring and clearer skies!

We improvised, but check out this recipe for a Skinny Champagne Mojito…super refreshing for this extra hot weekend! And these glasses are perfect for it!

These sunglasses (featured above) are perfect for vacations like this weekend!

Have a great week!!


  1. Looks like a beautiful weekend was had!! Obsessed with the photo you took in La Jolla – it could seriously be a post card!

  2. Annette Roberts says:

    What a blessing our roots are ….. deep and healthy and strong enough to anchor us in good and bad times,giving us loving support through thick and thin !!!