Skinny Bacon Maple Donuts

Growing up it was a Sunday tradition. After church, we would head to the local donut shop and pick up a dozen donuts. Maple bar and chocolate sprinkles for me, sugar donuts for Allison (always, never strayed…) and dad picked through what we didn’t want (oh so selflessly). Now that I am past those rapid metabolism stages of life, I have chosen to forgo that Sunday tradition in my life (insert sad face here). Yet, this past weekend when TJ and I were heading out to brunch (or so we thought) we chose a place that had bacon maple glazed donuts on the menu (mouth watering yet?!). When we arrived we were sadly informed that the San Diego location was the only location that served brunch, and hence, this decadent indulgence. So, straight to Pinterest I went in search of a healthier maple glazed donut… and to my delight found a lighter option (150 calories!!) that utilized simple swaps of applesauce and greek yogurt, and baking as opposed to the traditional frying, to be waist-line friendly (click here for the recipe)! After an amazing morning work-out these were on the menu (paired with fruit, of course :))!





IMG_4056{Donut Maker | Donut Baking Sheet | Bowl | China Plate}