Weekend Recap

“Lazy Saturdays” are typically not in my vocabulary. I, unlike Allison, am the type of person who literally charges through the weekends, rain or shine, sickness or health. I wish I had it in me. I wish I could. I think it’s just an innate characteristic. TJ and Allison were blessed with it. I, on the other hand, missed that one. Yet, this past weekend both rain and sickness stopped me in my tracks… and I actually chose it. I decided that both fatigue and rain were reason enough to allow myself to experience that dreaded (in my terms, and my terms only) “lazy weekend.” And I am glad I did… but not sure I loved it enough to make it a regular occurrence!

IMG_3894{A new fruit and veggie smoothie with carrots, bananas, and pineapple in one of my favorite cups! Perfect way to kick start the weekend!}


great maple{Great Maple for a lunch date (which was supposed to be brunch… more on that this week!). Rainy Saturdays & Bloody Mary’s are never a bad idea.}

IMG_3987{First attempt ever at a cracked egg on homemade pizza… it was delicious! Whole wheat crust, light mozzarella, prosciutto, and arugula tossed in balsamic… and of course a little champagne never hurt anyone.}

IMG_4065{Sunday morning breakfast, cold brew, and morning reads}

IMG_4188{Comfy Socks, blanket, pillows, and good reads… do not disturb.}

IMG_4186{Pretty new gems from Anthropologie and J Crew}

IMG_4194{Even in the rain, California is beautiful!}

IMG_4196{Our Oscar Party}

Have a great week everyone!