The Adult Cheeze-it

One of my favorite snacks as a child was cheeze-its. Sure, they are essentially processed carbohydrates, but who can deny their “cheesy” goodness (even though they claim to use real cheese)!? Even now as an adult I’m still tempted whenever I pass a vending machine, and hear them calling the inner child inside me. So when my mom bought The Smitten Kitchen cookbook and found this recipe for Rosemary Cheese crisps, I was pretty thrilled. I was even more thrilled, however, when I tasted the finished product and they literally tasted like a grown up version of those childhood classic Cheeze-its. With a hint of herbal freshness and that original cheesy flavor (except made with real cheese this time), I cannot stop eating them! Light, airy, and crispy, they are the perfect appetizer for any party!

rosemary cheese crisps

rosemary gruyere crisps

recipe{Recipe courtesy of The Smitten Kitchen}


  1. Cheese It’s are such a weakness of mine!! I love gruyere cheese so this will be a must try for me!!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      They seriously taste amazing! Hope you enjoy as much as me!