The Couple’s Workout

Because we love all things Valentine’s Day (it’s our favorite holiday!), we like to incorporate the hearts, pinks and reds, and love in all aspects of our lives…and you can bet that includes fitness! While most couples will be cooking romantic dinners (or going out to them), grabbing cocktails, etc., we challenge you to workout with your special someone! Sure all those other things seem more romantic, but research shows that working out with your partner brings both of you closer and increases intimacy! So before you get all dolled up for the evening’s indulgences, spend some time working on your fitness with these fun exercises!

couples workout

*Team Split Lunge:

split lungePhoto courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine

Wheelbarrow Pushup & Squat:

wheelbarrow squatPhoto courtesy of Women’s Health Magazine

Shared Jump rope:

Simply jump rope together, each partner holding one end of the jump rope-see how coordinated you are jumping together as a team while getting a substantial cardio burst!


  1. I’m sure jumping rope would be hilarious to watch!! I love going on runs together – sadly it’s just still too cold to do that!! Hope you both have a lovely Thursday!