Galentine’s Day Party!!

Aah Valentine’s Day: The day you show your special someone just how special they really are. Or, if you’re single, you may have heard this day referred to as “Singles Awareness Day.” Well, as a single [and proud] woman, I’m not sure there’s really anything to be “aware” of.  After all, when I reflect on all the V-Days I can remember, they’ve been pretty fantastic. For example, last year two of my girl friends and I went out for drinks after class and then returned to one of our houses to paint our nails and do other girly things. And the Valentine’s Days I’ve spent with boyfriends have also been equally special. My point is, why waste time being picky about who and what type of “love” needs to be celebrated? In my opinion, all love deserves to be celebrated!

That being said, Shannon and I have put together a fun, feminine, and fabulous “Galentine’s Day” party that would be perfect to celebrate with the ladies! Think, a cocktails and sweets party…since all ladies should get to indulge on this day! I personally am SO excited to be celebrating with my gals, and these party ideas just ooze girly goodness!






pink sparkler

For starters: The Pink Sparkler! This original drink, created by Shannon and yours truly, is delightfully (but not overly) sweet, and has a lovely pink hue to it, perfect for this holiday. Cover the rims with red and pink sugar sprinkles, and you’ve got yourself a girly gem! Also, if you aren’t a champagne fanatic like Shannon and I are, you can always opt for a tasty Rose, like this one from Macrostie Winery up in Sonoma.

vday marshmellows




Chocolate covered strawberries are a fantastic option for V-Day…but I really wanted to push the envelope a bit, tone down the romance a notch, and up the fun, girly ante. So chocolate dipped marshmallows and shortbread cookies were the answer! I went ahead and bought some little pink, meltable chocolate candies at Michael’s Craft Stores, and melted them down so that we could dip the marshmallows and cookies in it. But if you can’t find these pink dandies anywhere, then you could always melt down some white chocolate and add food coloring!

If you’re looking to create a girl-power vibe, then be sure to be playing these tunes during your Galentine’s Day Party!

v-day songs

For some extra help: check out these links for some V-Day party essentials:

Chevron table runner | Adorable heart napkins | Lace tablecloth | Chalkboard sign | Hot pink nail polish | Red polka dot straws

Now, since I stated earlier that this is a perfect time to celebrate past, present, and future loves of all kinds, I thought it would also be a great time to spend some time reflecting on those…not-so-perfect dates. You know, those times when Cupid shot his arrow but missed….miserably? So here they are, my top 3 “Where-was-Cupid’s-arrow-headed?! dates:”

1. The Snob: An inland empire to Newport Beach transplant and I were discussing the differences in weather between where I live (20 minutes from the beach) and where he lives (20 steps from the beach). While it was gloomy and overcast at the beach, it was sunny and warm at my house! After my remark of “One of the perks of living inland!” he responded with “…one of the few.” No thanks.

2. The Health Nut: Out to a gastropub on one of my first (of very few) dates with this guy, I simply remarked that the mac and cheese was to die for. He peered at me from his menu with a disapproving look on his face, stating, “That’s not very healthy…you sure you want to order that?” I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I was on a date with my personal trainer!

3. The Urinator: Yes, you [unfortunately] read that correctly. I went on a couple dates with this one. Back in college my roommate and I were having people over, and this guy had to arrive late. Well, upon arrival, he felt compelled to play “catch-up” and drink heavily in a short period of time in order to catch up with everyone else (not sure why that was necessary). Fast forward a few hours, and this twenty-something had wet himself. On my couch. That was the end of that.

While these stories admittedly make me cringe, I really can’t think of a better time to get together with my girls and reflect on these hilarious situations, and anticipate what the future holds for our lives together and with others who may come along. If you and your girls can laugh about disasters like these and smile about the not-so disastrous times, then you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day right!

We want to know-how are you celebrating your Valentine’s Day?!


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Looks absolutely fabulous !!!

  2. You are both so talented! This is such a fabulous idea! Such a fun Galentines Day party 🙂

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you for your sweet words! We love our friends and couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate with them!

  3. You girls are so cute!!! I love this idea. All the details are so chic’ and I love your cupid stories. Hilarious!!!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you Noelani! It was so fun to put together… those dates were some real doozies!

  4. I didn’t realize those were marshmallows until I took a second look. So cute!


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