Weekend Recap

The week of “love” begins with Valentine’s Day at the end.  I still vividly remember anticipating the Valentine’s Day parties in elementary school. The holiday where you brought Valentine’s  (preferably with the new “it” animated character) to every individual in your class. Making the “mailboxes” where said Valentine’s would be distributed. Some were accompanied by chocolates and hearts, while others had small, scribbled messages on them. What I think I loved most about the party was the inclusiveness of the day. If you brought a Valentine for one, you brought one for all. It didn’t matter if you were single or coupled up (then again, it was elementary school… so the idea of being “coupled up” or “single” was likely not even a thought). I think that’s what this holiday represents to me. Letting those you love know it. Whether that be through a card to your parents, small treats to your girlfriends, or slightly more romantic gestures to your significant other, it’s merely a day set aside for “love.” And who doesn’t LOVE that?

IMG_3069{LOVED the cold brew from last weekend at HauteCakes, that a take home bottle was purchased and whipped up to kick off the weekend.}

IMG_3085{Yes, that’s a goat. Yes, it was intentionally placed in this post. TJ and I took our little nephews to an adorable little petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano called ZOOMARS. It was our way of showing them how much we adore them.}

seashells{A little love for Costa Rica memories… black sand and seashells direct from Cost Rica in a memory jar.}


waysandmeans{A little pre-Valentine’s Day date night at a new spot, Ways & Means. Anywhere with craft cocktails and chandeliers is top on my list. Allison and I will return so I can introduce her to the Chapman Mai Tai! Their Moscow Mule and Made in Mexico were also delightful.}


IMG_3333{Homemade short bread and chocolate dipped cookies (thank you Martha Stewart!) for girlfriends! Also, a sneak peak of a fun “Girlfriend’s Cocktail Party” post to come later this week! We’re so excited for it!}

IMG_3324{How cute is this wine stopper for a girlfriend or mom? Given to me with love from my mom!}

IMG_3087{Sun, Palm Trees, and a slight breeze… Loved the S0-Cal weather this weekend}

The Women’s Health Magazine Weekend Challenge AND their Couple’s Work-out to make you feel closer (a good try for Valentine’s Day weekend??!)

Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day attire and accessories  here, here, herehere, and here

Also, an update from last week! We went to register for the SeaWheeze half marathon and it was sold out! Within 2 hours! Let us know if you have any good suggestions of fun half marathons (fun location and atmosphere??!).


The winner of the Lisi Lerch Giveaway is Melissa Arrieta (please e-mail shannonpulsifer@gmail.com with your address so we can send you your earrings!).

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We hope everyone has a wonderful “Love” week!


  1. Valentines day in elementary school was the best!! Looks like you had a pretty fantastic weekend! And the wine cork is so cute!!

  2. Great valentines hearts for baking! Such a cute idea. You ladies always have such fun and colorful weekends 🙂

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