Valenza Chocolatier: Chocolates for Valentine’s Day


I have several “itsy bitsy indulgences” in my life: Champagne, frozen yogurt, and don’t you ever try to tell me I can’t have chocolate. Chocolate is a staple for me, and Allison. One delectable chocolate morsel after dinner is typically enough to satisfy that sweet tooth, and is a nightly ritual. That’s the thing about life. I don’t deny myself anything that I truly enjoy, I just enjoy it in moderation. So, chocolate, champagne, and frozen yogurt are routinely enjoyed in moderate (and I’ll admit it, sometimes not so moderate) amounts.

We were recently introduced to Amy Jo, certified chocolatier, back in December at our Kendra Scott event. When I saw the fabulous display of chocolates I simply couldn’t resist (they were also being offered with champagne… how convenient, right?). I popped a lemoncello in my mouth and couldn’t believe how divine it tasted. I literally had no words to describe it. Not only were the chocolates amazing, but so was the maker. Amy Jo was bubbly, engaging, funny, and an all around fabulously sweet person. As we engaged in conversation, she told me about how she became a Certified Master Chocolatier. Her passion emanated, and it clearly translated into her masterful work. I was hooked, and so was my 86 year old grandmother. The chocolates were ordered and enjoyed, by ALL, at my 30th birthday party.


I find the passion of women inspiring and contagious. There is nothing more amazing than meeting a woman who is passionate about what she does, took risks to get there, and is living her dream. That’s why we wanted to feature Amy Jo and her inspiring story here. AND, what better time than Valentine’s Day, when chocolates and sweets abound.


Amy Jo’s s  sole focus during her twenties and early thirties was climbing the corporate ladder of Fortune 50 companies. At the pinnacle of her career, she was thriving in the commercial real estate finance lending world.  But, like most people, she hadn’t yet realized that the success was at the sacrifice of her true life passion and happiness. When her beloved cousin passed away from Ovarian cancer it was a wake up call, a moment of “what would I do if I could start all over again?” Ever had those moments?? So, the creative entrepreneur side erupted and she embarked on the journey of becoming a Master Chocolatier. She was able to re-ignitite that part of her who grew up making Italian cookies from old family recipes (Amy Jo is half Sicilian). From that passion came her chocolate company Valenza Chocolatier.  You can read more about Amy Jo on her fabulous site here.

I’d have to say that the takeaway message here is to find a way to allow your passions to guide your life. Don’t suppress a creative side just because your job doesn’t currently allow for it. Find an outlet and see where it goes! Let this inspiring woman be a guide! We hope to start a series on inspiring women doing inspirational things! Any thoughts??


Now onto the yummy part! I was fortunate enough to taste the chocolates that Amy Jo is whipping up for Valentine’s Day… and let me tell you, they are A-MAZING! For the man in your life she offers the Bourbon Bar. TJ absolutely devoured these! For the woman in your life (be it mom, friend, sister, aunt, grandma) you can order the Bon Bons (dark chocolate, lemoncello, and caramelllo) and I can’t recommend them enough. With a glass of red wine (or champagne) they are absolutely perfect! One other option (for whoever you want to send a sweet treat to) is the Tartaruga Box… a blend of dark chocolate, caramel, sea salt, and roasted pecans. Is your mouth watering yet? All are reasonably priced, absolutely delicious, and can be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day if ordered by today! Check out all the options here!


{two middle images are the work of Anne Watson Photography}

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  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Amy Jo gets a big “thumbs up” from me !!!! Her chocolates are divine !!!!