Weekend Recap

Two main feelings, or should I say, states of mind, permeated this weekend. Anticipation and exploration. Anticipation for the return of my family (and for Allison, anticipating her own  cozy bed and celebrating a dear friend’s birthday) and to hear all about their travels in Costa Rica (stay tuned for a full recap later this week). Further anticipation for the Super Bowl (epic let down… not much excitement there) and all the edible indulgences that were to come with it. Exploration of new restaurants, places, and activities around Orange County. It was productive and fun, and of course, always too short. I wish I could bottle up the fun of weekends and sprinkle a little bit throughout the week. When I figure out how, don’t worry, I’ll let you know!

IMG_2833{Capped off the week with a visit to The Hood Kitchen and meeting the lovely ladies that own and manage it.  It’s a fabulous concept that supports local chefs and products.}


haven{Seriously considering the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, so TJ and I threw on our running shoes bright and early Saturday morning for a 8.5 mile run. The mimosas and beer flight, at Haven, that followed were definitely deserved.}

hautecakes 2


haute cakes3{On a recommendation we checked out Haute Cakes. Hands down one of the best cold brewed coffees I’ve had. So good I may or may not have gone back the next day for a to go cup.}

IMG_2862{Welcome February! Loving all things hearts, red, and pink!}

IMG_4852{Traveling home isn’t that bad when mimosas are available!}

IMG_2872{Lazy Sunday morning in new fuzzy socks and a delicious parfait.}

IMG_2874{Stay tuned tomorrow for a giveaway of these fabulous Lisi Lerch earrings.}

IMG_3065{Mom’s famous skinny nachos on Super Bowl Sunday…. so delicious!}

IMG_3067{Gorgeous California evening sky!}

Did you do any exploring or have any feelings of anticipation this past weekend?! We’d love to hear about it!

As always, check out the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge… super bowl indulgences anyone?

Have a great week! Wish Allison luck as she gets back into the swing of the work week!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous weekend was had!! I’ve been anticipating this week – headed to Florida on Thursday for some sunshine and family time! Hope you have a great week!

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Have soooo much fun in Florida! I bet the weather will be glorious!

  2. Those nachos look so amazing! So sad about the game yesterday too. It was a complete let down. Those nachos though, look like all the rave! Cute fuzzy socks too. They make mornings so cozy 🙂

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      The nachos were to die for! Perfect for the game, which, yes, was such a let down! Have a fabulous week!