Bloody Mary Bar: Under 160 calories!


Super Bowl Sunday… the unofficial holiday of the NFL. While I can’t say I necessarily become passionate about the game, I certainly enjoy the social and edible indulgences of the day. At the start of the season we put together a post with all the necessities for a fabulous football party (you can see it all here). So today, with the last game of the season this weekend, it only seems fitting to provide you with some of our favorite “waist-line-friendly” food and beverage options! We’ll start with the quintessential day-time drink: The Bloody Mary. We’ve concocted a version that is less than 160 calories (see below) and added a few little extras to make the presentation party ready!





IMG_2799{Bar Cart: Target | Cups: Crate & Barrel}

Low Cal Bloody Mary:

8oz Mr & Mrs. T Bloody Mary Mix

1oz Vodka

2 Jalapeño Olives

1 piece of Canadian Bacon

Salt the rim, fill the glass with ice, combine liquid ingredients (see extra spicy options above), and assemble the jalapeño olives and canadian bacon on the tooth pick. Cheers, sip, and enjoy!

And, because the Bloody Mary on an empty stomach will never be good, check out the delicious treats below:


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{all images via SkinnyTaste}


  1. Annette Roberts says:

    Sounds fabulous !!!!

  2. I love how you incorporated the entire bar cart to be just for the blood mary. Makes is that much more enjoyable.

    • Shannon&Allison says:

      Thank you! Sometimes, it’s more fun to set up than to actually have what’s being served 🙂

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