Fitness Apps We Love

fitness apps

Just as it says. Today’s post is all about our favorite fitness apps that we hope will inspire and motivate!

1. Nike+Running App: This app will map your runs (hence the name), track your progress, provide you with motivation along the way (a personal cheering squad), and tracks distance, pace, time, and calories burned with its GPS system. This is a Shannon favorite!

2. Seconds: This is great for HIIT workouts. The app lets you set different intervals with timers and syncs up to music!

3. FitRadio: Instead of a single song this app will provide you with a professionally designed (by a DJ!) mix to keep the motivation high. The music is upbeat without lags in between songs! Perfect for long runs…

4. FitnessBuddy: Go ahead and choose a work out that fits whatever your fitness need may be! Want to tone and tighten for that fabulous swimsuit you just bought? Check out their “Butt and Thigh” toning program. You can also track all of your progress and select exercises to fit into your daily routine.

5. Localeikki: This app is perfect for anyone, especially if you travel and love to be outdoors. It is a crowd sourced app that provides routes and locations for various activities. Their primary focus is being outdoors: running, walking, hiking, mountain biking, and  road cycling.

6. mapmyrun: Another fabulous running app that allows you to track your route, pace, time, and calories burned. It also allows you to track other activities such as biking, hiking, and walking.



  1. The seconds app looks really cool- I’m always doing tabatas at the gym and hate having to look at the clock behind me!! Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks so much for the localeikki love!

  3. Definitely going to try out the localeikki and FitnessBuddy app!