Weekend Recap

They say “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone,” and while I didn’t really lose anything, having my family out of the country while I am still here sure seems like it! I didn’t realize how accustomed I had come to updating my family with the small (yet, exciting!) little details of my life until I essentially couldn’t! TJ and I spent the weekend exploring: trying new restaurants (or trying different items at favorite spots) and visiting local spots we’ve been talking about forever. Yet, with each new activity we checked off our list, there was inevitably someone in my family who I wanted to text (or call) to fill  in with the new find! What do I take away from this? Capitalize on every moment… call those people you haven’t called in a while, or better yet, when you have those random memories or thoughts that pop in your head about them, let them know. When you run across something that brings back a fond memory, shoot them a quick text. Relationships are critical, invest while you can, and invest often.

IMG_2495{A friendly little reminder in the parking lot at The Camp… something I’m taking with me into this coming week}


IMG_2481{I wanted so badly to call Allison and tell her about one of my new favorite finds, Milk & Honey… this acai bowl was amazing (and nutritious)}

provisions{And then, wanting to let my dad know about this quaint spot, Provisions, TJ and I stumbled upon in the Orange Circle… wine, beer flights, cheese, chocolate… need I say more?}

IMG_2480{These white tulips and pink roses were stunning. This picture was intended to be sent to my mom… so it’ll have to wait until they return!}

rebtaylor{A feminine and casual shirt for the day of exploring… I love the dainty details}


enoteca{Back at an old favorite with old friends. You must check out Cucina Enoteca… the pancetta and brussel sprout pizza (with an egg) is perfectly savory… and we didn’t forget our wine, that would have been a travesty!}

farmers market

IMG_2663{A visit to the Great Park farmers market… someone was happy with their smoothie. We picked up some arugula and heirloom tomatoes to replicate the salad from dinner at enoteca.}

As always, be sure to check out the Women’s Health Weekend Challenge. My workouts this week consisted of a morning run and a spin sweat session (always so invigorating!).

The new furniture arrives this week! Loving these accent pieces here, here, and here

Be sure to check out Julia from Tartan & Sequins… we were her girl crush(es) of the week!

Have a fabulous week!