DIY: Thank You Cards


Growing up I LOVED receiving cards and letters in the mail. I can’t identify exactly why, but it was always fun to be surprised when something arrived in the mail: a birthday invitation, a letter from my great-grandmother (I declared us pen-pals in first grade), birthday cards, Valentine’s cards… I probably even thought junk mail was cool.  And, admittedly, I’d much rather write a card and send it snail mail versus e-maiil or text. I used to love going into card stores (Hallmarks when they were more prevalent) and look at the pretty cards and sweet sayings. My mom was Queen of having cards for just about every occasion stashed away- the “Thinking of You” cards and the “Miss You” cards when I was in college were the best (needless to say they were usually accompanied by some treat). There was even a time when TJ (we were long distance for about a year and a half) would send me little notes via the post office. So, when it came time to write “thank you” cards for all the sweet gifts received over the holiday season, I decided to get in touch with my inner creative side and do them myself!

merci 3

merci 4

merci 5

merci 2



They were actually quite simple to make, and only took about 30 minutes. I was able to purchase all of the supplies at a specialty paper store (The Paper Source) which has rapidly become my new addiction! Now, onto the writing!


  1. Oh my gosh I love these! So cute!! What a great idea. Merci!


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