4 Breakfasts; Under 350 Calories

IMG_2456My morning routine is down. Has been for the past several years. I wake up slightly before 6 am, work out, make breakfast, peruse the internet, get ready for work, and head out the door. It’s predictable, and I like it that way. What I haven’t liked so much in the past several months is the predictability of my morning meals. I was definitely in a rut. It was steel cut oatmeal, 1/2 a banana, and a dash of cinnamon every morning. Why? I can’t really tell you. Maybe I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to try something different. Or possibly it was part of what made the morning routine run so smoothly. Regardless, that aspect of the morning needed to change. So I did some experimenting. I’ve always been the type of person who is hungry in the morning, yet, not hungry for a huge meal. I kept that in mind when I was creating my new morning menu and decided to keep the breakfasts to about 350 calories each. I was so happy with my new creations that I decided to share them with you! I hope you’ll enjoy!

breakfast under 350

Another helpful tid-bit! Most of these ingredients can either be purchased at Trader Joe’s and Target!