Weekend Recap

This weekend was definitely an eventful one for Shannon and I! I don’t normally like making a bunch of plans for my weekends…I’m one of those people who likes to wake up Saturday morning, assess how I’m feeling, and make a game-time decision for what I’m doing. But this weekend was quite the opposite. Shannon and I both had our weekends pretty much mapped out, but the beauty of it was that they all involved celebrations. We’ve talked on our blog a lot about how important it is to celebrate the big AND small things in life because these celebrations validate the good in our lives, and recognize & reinforce our hard work. Plus, they’re fun!! Shannon and I are truly blessed to have so much to celebrate in our lives, as well as people with whom we love celebrating!


{Friday night was the celebration of the completion of my graduate work, so we started off the weekend with a graduation party with our supervisors, professors, and fellow students. One of my girl friends and fellow students bought us these hilarious cups as a silly “congratulations…” I’ll be chuckling when I sip my tea from this mug!}


{I have some pretty amazing friends…cards and a chocolate bar [my friend Lauren clearly knows the way to my heart]   to express their congratulations}


{Remember my goal of keeping better contact with far away friends? I drove up to LA to grab lunch with my oldest friend, Brittany. There’s nothing like connecting with one of your oldest and dearest friends!}

redecorating{Looking for paint swatches…the home makeover continues over at Shannon and TJ’s with new wall colors and all new furniture!}


IMG_2442{Enjoying the summer weather Southern California is getting during the dead of winter…I’m not complaining!}

IMG_2431{Days away from tropical paradise! Our must-haves: This chic, retro bathing suit from KORE Wear, Soludos shoes, and a Panama hat!}



the filling station{Finishing up the weekend with tasty brunch at The Filling Station in Old Town Orange. Brunch is a Sunday favorite in our household!}

We all got together Friday night for a celebratory dinner and, of course, indulged in some quality wine…if you’re looking for a delicious red wine, we highly recommend Gainey Cabernet Sauvingnon and Gundlach Bundschu Cabernet Franc!

Do you know someone who is celebrating something? I love these cards from Anthropologie…”Cheers” really says it all!

Keep on with those new year’s health resolutions with the Women’s Health Fitness Challenge!

If you’re looking for a gift (whether it’s a congratulations gift or something else) for your fashionable bartender/consumer of cocktails, The Fashionable Cocktail is one of the best!

Hope you find something, big or small, to celebrate this week! Cheers!




  1. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Congratulations Allison!!

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