2014, 2

As Allison mentioned yesterday, we’ve created goals, as opposed to resolutions, for this upcoming year. When I sat down and reflected (I guess I’ve been doing a lot of that lately) on what I wanted out of this upcoming year, I concluded that I am actually quite happy with where I am. There are a a few accomplishments I would like to achieve, but for the most part, I would like to deepen, and further cultivate, certain facets of my life to continue to promote a happy and healthy life. When I create treatment goals for my clients, they are always incremental. Small successes promote continued motivation to goal attainment (maybe I should save that phrase for one of my treatment plans?). All joking aside, it rings true. A big goal, with small sub-goals (Goal: Regularly incorporate yoga into my fitness regime; Sub-goal: begin with twice a month), is much easier to attain than one lofty goal. So, as I put my goals together, I laid out the small success that I WILL be able to attain along the way!

2014 goals

We’d love to hear what your goals are for a continued happy and healthy life, AND we can’t wait to share our 2014 journey here, with you!

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  1. Terri says:

    What a wonderful way to set goals. I love the diagram and pictures. Thank you for the example.

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