Ahhh January 1st: the day we all start fresh with “New Year’s Resolutions.” A resolution is defined as: “the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem.” While this is definitely important, this year Shannon and I decided to replace the traditional resolutions with goals. We prefer goals because they are not quite as “resolute,” if you will. They can be broken down, big or small, specific or general, and something that we hope to accomplish, do, not do, etc., not just for 2014, but to better ourselves and our lifestyles. When I think of resolutions (and this may very well just be me), I think of something I “have” to do, because I committed myself to it at the beginning of the year and only have 12 months to do it, and everyday I lose time! For Shannon and me, goals are things that you can make anytime in your life, not just in the month of January. And most importantly, the most essential purpose of goals is to make us happy and healthy, which is what this blog is all about! So we thought we’d spend a couple days sharing our goals that we have set for ourselves for the next year, and beyond!


What are your goals!?

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