30 year recap

Instead of our usual weekend recap, today is a little different. Today is December 30th and today is also my 30th birthday (it’s the golden birthday). And since you don’t turn a new decade everyday, I decided to share some of my reflections. I may share more than I am comfortable with, but since I am behind a computer screen it’s a little less threatening :). I’m writing this as the hubby and I road trip up the coast, which is such a fitting trip since many of my childhood family vacations were at various spots along the coast (summers in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, visiting cousins in San Jose… and even my 20th birthday was spent with my family in San Francisco)…so as I spend my last day in my 20’s we’ll be stopping along those very spots as we make our way up to Carmel (Just got back into the car from a brief stop at Sarloos&sons).

image{Don’t you love the jeans? AND the fabulous hair?}

For me my 20’s were a time of discovery. I know, it may sound slightly cheesy, but it’s true. I graduated college, and had to decide if I wanted to be an event planner or a therapist.. clearly the former won, and it was back to grad school I went. It was a time of evolving friendships. I learned that some people come into your life permanently, while other’s presence is more temporary, maybe to teach a lesson, or to touch you in some way. What I’ve become okay with is letting those relationships evolve and become what they are supposed to. I cultivated my passion of traveling (a couple of European adventures, a few island excursions, Mexico adventures, weekend trips to local destinations, girl’s trips…) and through those travels became comfortable with being slightly (and I truly mean slightly) more spontaneous.
I’m learning to embrace adversity and see it as a form of education. To be comfortable with gentle confrontation (although this will NEVER be my strength). To pursue my passions (fitness, fashion, and traveling) through the blog… to find the balance in my professional (therapist) and personal life (which is what the blog has afforded me). To understand and truly accept that I can’t change everything, and that some things are out of my control… and for those circumstances to “let be, and let God.” Trust me, this is a daily struggle.
I hope this next decade brings me a little family of my own (names may or may not already be picked out). A deepening of my already wonderful friendships (and here, I must stop and say “Thank you,” to all of my girlfriends… you truly inspire me). I will likely start sounding and doing things more and more like my parents (and I love it!) and develop a greater appreciation for all they did for me throughout the years (I think the key was patience with my stubbornness). I hope to love my husband more freely, maybe even with what they call “reckless abandonment…” To love my decisions more and worry less about what people think about them. To feel liberated in that choice. And to understand that everyday is a gift, and what I choose to do with it is up to me.
Several people have asked me how I feel about turning 30. There is a sense of peace in being able to honestly respond that I am excited for this next decade. I am comfortable with what I have accomplished professionally, I have cultivated deep friendships, am blessed with a supportive and loving family, and have traveled much. So, I guess it would be fitting to say, “Bring it on 30’s!”
(I apologize that this is likely not grammatically correct, Mrs. Kasper, my senior year English teacher would likely not approve, but it was more of a stream of consciousness as opposed to a well thought out, and edited, post. Thank you for indulging me!)


  1. Anita says:

    Thanks for sharing! God has blessed you and may he can continue to bless you and bring you the joy of your hearts desires.

  2. Annette Roberts says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR SHANNON !!!!!!! May this next decade be equally rich and fulfilling, full of new experiences and opportunities and may you stay open to all the adventures that come your way…………We love you, Gram

  3. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Happy birthday and celebration Shannon!!
    With ❤️ from all the Johnsons.

  4. Kerry says:

    Happy birthday Shannon! Such a nice post!

  5. Shannon says:

    Beautiful post. Wishing you a happy 30th and a very happy New Year.


  6. Happy golden birthday! May you have a wonderful day, year of blessings and an amazing decade!

  7. I love this post! I have 3.5 years left on my 20s and my goal is to travel more like you and your sweet hubs!! Xoxo –

  8. Happy birthday! I have 2 years left in my 20’s and I hope they are as great as your years!