Weekend Recap

A couple of weeks ago, at work, I was introduced to a term called “Ubuntu.” In a huge nutshell the African term is used to describe how humans are connected through relation to one another. While I am simplifying this term tremendously, I do believe that it has much merit in today’s world.  I look around my life and feel most fulfilled when I am surrounded by, and engaging in, meaningful relationships. Whether that relationship be with a higher power, significant other, friend, family, pet, or nature, there is a sense of belonging and meaningfulness. Which was exactly what this past weekend was about. Every minute was spent connecting and relating with others.

IMG_4094{A pajama party with girlfriends: poinsettia cocktails, laughter, and fun}

IMG_1301{Kicking off two weeks of no work with a leisurely morning with the hubby}

IMG_1357{Loving the fresh, crisp air of a morning trail run in Peter’s Canyon}

IMG_1382{My favorite soup post trail run at  Zov’s}


IMG_1396{An early Christmas celebration with some family that won’t be present for the holiday}

IMG_1401{Christmas Surprises from our Grandma included this bracelet and necklace}

IMG_1462{What better way to connect than a little mistletoe?}

Cocktails, cookies, cheesecake… this week’s Woman’s Health Weekend Challenge was more than necessary!

Putting together a hot chocolate bar for Christmas Eve and loving this free printable 

Putting the final touches on our road trip up the coast and can’t wait to stay at the Hotel Solage in Calistoga and sip champagne at Mumm Napa

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Week! XO

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