Layers… and more layers


My wish every winter is for cold weather. I don’t mean mid 60’s cold. I mean the bitting cold of a snow storm. The kind of cold where you can see your breath all day long. Where icicles form on your car and all you want to do is sit by the fireplace in cozy socks all day. I’m told (by my father who grew up in Illinois) that this is a near delusional desire. And, okay, maybe I agree. The grass is always greener on the other side I guess. One day in that type of weather and this born and raised Southern California girl would be begging for those mild 60 degree days. So, since this will likely never become a reality, when I travel to places that dip below 60 degrees I decide it’s time to layer… because secretly I think that’s why I want the cold weather. So, last weekend I did just that while walking down the Vegas strip and sitting at the Cosmopolitan ice rink. I layered, I was chilly, and I loved every minute of it!







{Outfit Details | Sweater: Vince, sold out similar here | Turtleneck: J Crew (30% off) | Coat: Ann Taylor (sold out) | Jeans: True Religion | Boots: Hunter | Gloves: J Crew (old) similar here | Purse: Prada (similar here and ON SALE) | Bracelet: Madewell, old, similar}


  1. Hunter says:

    you look great in your green hunters. Gorgeous look 🙂

  2. Anna S. says:

    You looks gorgeous and the Prada bag really catch my eyes, which model and color is it? (coz they have variety but similar size) It is so lovely, and can be dress up or casual.