Christmas Photos, Christmas Cards

One of my favorite things in life are photos. I loved photography class in high school and on more than one occasion was the annoying person who made everyone take pictures throughout college and various life events. Yet, come the next day, everyone loved reliving the moments. That’s what pictures do, they capture the essence, the ambiance, of the moment. Haven’t you ever looked through old pictures and had an overwhelming sense of emotion? Whether that feeling was sad or happy, that photo was able to evoke a sense of remembrance within you. Maybe that’s why I’ve always loved capturing moments. They really are all you have after time has passed (I still look at my wedding photos and feel the love from that day… I also look at the photos from my college Spring Break and feel a phantom headache… conclude what you want…or silly pictures of Allison and me when we were younger… being able to recall just what was going on.). So, when it came time to think about Christmas cards, I decided it was the perfect time to capture the state of our married life.


My friend from college, Nicole Angelo, was blessed with an amazing artistic talent to capture just these moments. What I love most is that Nicole was a full-time teacher and pursued her passion of photography. And it sure paid off. She’s now a full-time photographer, a gifted one at that. I find it truly inspiring when people step out of their comfort zone and pursue their passions. If you are in the California area be sure to check out Nicole Angelo Photography (facebook page here).







Below are some of my favorite Christmas Card options, all available on Tiny Prints! I just love their cards! They are so festive!


{Outfit 1 | Top: Target | Skirt: J Crew (similar) | Jacket: Nordstrom}

{Outfit 2 | Sweater: Vince (on sale!)}


  1. Amazing pictures! I love the Be Merry card and Tiny Prints of course. That’s where D and I’s cards are from this year.


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