The Christmas Calorie Burner


The holidays are notorious for high calorie, delicious food and drink, and it just wouldn’t be the holidays without some indulgences here and there! That’s why on Thanksgiving I forced myself to get up and work out, so that I could indulge guilt-free…and let me tell you, the workout I did at my favorite gym (more of a “boot camp” kind of setting) was no joke! The trainers knew we would probably be overindulging so they put us through an hour of high intensity misery! I walked away not only wanting to cry, but also thinking that a modified version would be an ideal way to burn off the calories from all of that stuffing, enchiladas, pie, and, my favorite, Christmas cookies! The bonus to this version: Not much equipment is necessary, and you can do it pretty much anywhere with some space and weights!


Also, don’t forget the fitness challenge!

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