25 Days to a Happy & Healthy Christmas

Christmas health and happy

I always want to bottle up the essence of the holidays so I can have the experience year long. Yet, as much as I seek to cherish and relish in every holiday moment, the reality of life seeps upon me. Yes, I have to go to work. No, I can’t walk around singing Christmas songs and baking cookies all day. Sad face. Despite reality (sometimes it would be so easy to check out and live in a perma happy land!) there are plenty of ways to stay happy, present, and healthy during this holiday season. Hence our list of ways to enjoy the holidays fully. Happiness and Health are all about balance… so you may see some serious indulging, but behold, you will find some equally serious equalizers.We hope you enjoy and would love to hear all about your list!

1. Listen to carolers

2. Drive around looking at Christmas lights

3. Make some Bailey’s and hot coco with marshmallows in a festive mug

4. Movie Marathon Night with The Griswold’s Family Christmas, Home Alone 1 & 2, and Love Actually

5. Hold your plank for an extra 2 minutes! You CAN do it!

6. Make and/or return a long overdue phone call to someone you don’t get a chance to speak with often. The holidays are a perfect time to let people know you are thinking about them.

7. Invite a friend/neighbor over for a festive holiday meal

8. Put together a gift basket for those less fortunate or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen

9. Say something nice to someone who has wronged you

10. Rock these cute Christmas socks (maybe peeking out from some boots/booties…)

11. Give a small Secret Santa Gift to someone who needs it (some small suggestions here, here, and here)

12. Go to an ice skating rink and get your fitness on

13. Sign up for a Santa Run… maybe even throw on that festive Santa Hat

14. Go to a hotel and have a drink, soaking in the decadent holiday decorations

15. Go to a tree lighting ceremony

16. Let your mom and/or dad know one thing that they’ve taught you

17. Decorate your home with a poinsettia

18. Bake your favorite Christmas treats (check out these lighter options here, here, and here)

19. Run 1 or walk 2 extra miles wearing your favorite winter gear (cute gloves and beanie)

20. Decorate pine cones with glitter… and more glitter

21. Bring a friend their favorite seasonal coffee (or tea) drink… and pick one up for yourself

22. Have a cookie exchange and wine night

23. Write a handwritten letter wishing holiday greetings and a happy New Year

24. Paint your nails a festive red or metallic (we like Malaga Red and All Sparkly & Gold)

25. Take 15 minutes to stop and think about all that you are grateful for. Then, write  them down and share at your holiday dinner or with a trusted friend

Enjoy! XO


  1. Kerry says:

    Thanks for this great blog. Last night my kids told me it didn’t “feel” like Christmas. I would contend that has something to do w their ages (22,10, 16)…the boys got busy decorating outside and my daughter and I finished up the inside, looking at Pinterest for more festive ideas…. But reading your blog this morning has given me some ideas to help this be one of the greatest holiday seasons. Thank you, thank you. Merry Christmas you two amazing young women!