Two-Bite Apple Tarts

Ahh the holidays…a time wrought with overindulgences.  With big turkey dinners, pumpkin pie, apple pie, Christmas cookies, (not to mention festive cocktails)…it seems almost impossible NOT to over indulge! But alas, that is what we are here for! To share how we maintain balance and moderation during a time of the year where you’d swear Webster took those words out of the dictionary. To start, I found these fun little mini apple tarts, appropriately named “Spiced Apple Two Bite Tarts” by Cooking Light. The magic behind these goodies is that not only are these itsy bitsy indulgences, they actually offer some pretty great health benefits! The recipe calls for ground ginger, cinnamon, and allspice. Ginger is anti-imflammatory, an ideal aid for gastrointestinal pain and nausea, AND protects against colorectal and ovarian cancer. Cinnamon can help control blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure and is also an anti-inflammatory. Finally, allspice may offer some digestive benefits. That being, said, feel free to indulge in these guilt-free tarts!



The recipe instructs you to make your own pie crust…but I took a shortcut and just bought a pre-made pie crust and cut out pieces of it with a cup. When you’re making so many different dishes for the holidays, you have to save time somewhere, right?!





With only 1 tbsp of butter in the entire recipe, the spices take full responsibility for flavor in these little guys, which I’m not complaining about! You can throw on a dab of creme fraiche on the top for an extra layer of complexity and taste (that’s the itsy bitsy indulgence!) You can check out the full recipe here. Dig in!

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