The Perfect Fall Soup


Whenever the weather hits any temperature remotely under 80 degrees I begin the search for the perfect Fall evening meal. My pinterest account fills up with “pumpkin,” “soup,” and “chili” recipes. I think I’m desperately in search of a dish that will make me feel warm and cozy inside, while the weather torrents outside. There’s just something about a comfy sweater, pajama pants, and a warm soup to make you relax after a long day at work. Yet, truth be told, this isn’t a pinterest recipe at all! It’s from one of my all time favorite restaurants, Zov’s.  I’ve celebrated many special occasions there, including my bridesmaid lunch the day before my wedding, so maybe that is why I love the spot so much? Either way, the soup is something I can never bypass, despite telling myself, every time I go,”try something new!” So, I hope you will enjoy this soup just as much as I do on a cold fall evening, while you’re bundled up inside!






lentil bean soup

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