200! And this Weekend

I feel so proud and so excited to announce that this is our 200th post! We are SO incredibly grateful to have such fabulous readers and participators in our journey… so thank you for reading and contributing to the fun and success we are experiencing!

On that celebratory note, we had so much to celebrate this weekend! We all spent the weekend in the Santa Ynez Valley in California (Santa Barbara County, but about 40 minutes Northeast of Downtown Santa Barbara). One of Shannon’s oldest and dearest friends got married this weekend, and Shannon’s participation in the wedding just proved how exciting this event was.

Along the lines of unconditional love, check out this video Shannon found that pretty perfectly encapsulates genuine, everlasting love. I admit it, I kind of teared up while watching this, but I feel like it is the exact kind of love we seek to celebrate and achieve. Love is worth celebrating and capturing, not just at a wedding or anniversary, but in everyday life. Even though I personally haven’t found that kind of romantic, unconditional love for someone, I feel proud and privileged to love my sister, family, and friends in that unconditional, authentic way. And that, romantic or not, is worth celebrating!


{Beautiful Bridesmaid dress and comfy & gorgeous Kimono Robe plus to-die- for J Crew earrings with an unbeatable bouquet!}


{Some of our favorite wineries…Gainey, Byron, and Saarloos & Sons…we can’t get enough!}


{I know I look like a big fat fatty, but the Los Olivos Market makes the BEST tri tip sandwiches…I had to have one each day this weekend. Not the heart-healthiest option, but definitely the most delicious, indulgent  one!}

use this one

{The Canary Hotel…a great place to unwind and relax after a fun-filled weekend!}


{Infinite and unexpected laughs with my sister all night long…I thank my lucky stars this woman is my sister and best friend!}
We hope you had as fun and celebratory weekend as we did! And thank you times a million for reading and following-we cannot express our support, appreciation, and gratitude enough!!!
Some extra weekend goodies:
The Women’s Health Weekend Challenge. Gotta keep ourselves in shape while celebrating all these fun things!
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Remember our fitness challenge! If you’re running, we’d love to see it! Hashtag #ibirun to show your efforts to running 5 miles a week! The holidays are coming so now is the time to kick it into gear!
{Some details: Shannon’s earrings: J Crew | Robe: Plum Pretty Sugar}



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